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Actress, singer and songwriter. Soloist of the Novosibirsk composition of the show-ballet TODES.
The ability to sing has discovered by chance, being in the company of professional musicians. The
Graduated from the Novosibirsk State Theater Institute in the Faculty of Drama Theater and Cinema. At the institute she started writing poems and studying music. The first concert took place at the age of 18, in the iconic Novosibirsk institution Stray dog. Having received recognition among friends and acquaintances, she continued her search for her creative self. She performed in various genres on the main stages of Novosibirsk, successfully combining university studies with the desire to realize herself as a singer. During the studies she starred in the main role of the feature film. Having received the diploma, she moved to Moscow in search of new prospects. By the age of 23, she realized that as an actress she did not get the desired result, but her aspiration for the stage was not gassy - she collected her own cover band. Performed in bars, restaurants, intermingling hits of foreign artists with their own songs, and finding a response among the spectators organized the first author's concert in February 2015, and in summer already released her debut single and video clip "Want".