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"state of emergency" - a musical group, which came as a surprise even to its soloists. Like emergencies idea came by accident and got a rapid development. The main principle of the guys - the lack of principles. They do everything so that they themselves see fit and how they want: not forcing themselves into the framework, not tied to a particular style.

Soloists of the "state of emergency" - Konstantin and Anton Manoilov Pyaskorsky, met while attending a music project. The boys quickly found a common language. Having won the show, Anton and Konstantin became participants of boy-band, where, in addition to these, there were 3 more guy. During the year, work with the producer, without seeing any progress and real prospects, the guys left the band to pursue a career on their own. Alas, parting with the producer is not held very peacefully, but the truth was on the side of the boys. After a couple of months, the guys recorded the first track "cling", the authors of which were Kostya and Anton.

Originally part of "state of emergency" has 3 people. But later, the third member of the group decides to leave the band, and the guys understand that the way it should remain together.

Today the "state of emergency" is actively performing at major venues and spend all night in the studio, creating his first solo album. All material - author. Here, the role was as 50/50 - for music, mainly responsible Kostya, for poetry - Anton

. As recognized soloists, they are easy to understand each other and exactly complementary.

Already at the end of September "PE" promise to present their debut video. Directed by Alex which became a figure, known for his work with top artists. Women's role in the movie got the well-known fashion-blogger and a good friend of children - Karina Nigay

. Today the "state of emergency" - a completely independent project of two young boys - Bones and Anton. They are eager and determined to do something new, to conquer the hearts of millions.