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Now the two of us



Each of the girls has its own task in the project - Maria Zaytseva composes music and writes poetry Masha Sheikh. Two unique women's voices intertwining through flawless vocal recitative and convincingly dense one - Duet # 2Mashi. Girls loudly declared itself a poignant song "Now the two of us" that lightning began to disperse across the expanses of the social networks. Then they removed the clip for the song of the same name, which immediately entered the

rotation of music channels Then the composition of the composition of the girl more and more the audience fall in love. Just go for the tag # 2Mashi in VKontakte, to understand a word of mouth from their creativity run almost immediately after the publication of the network of their first song.

The collective is not yet a year old. But the prospect of success of this project is visible to the naked eye. They were fun to watch. They are interesting to listen to. They are not like others. Yes, and such analogues duet creativity on our showbiz scene were observed. The girls are working on their own and not a member of any producer center.